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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journal Entry 10/29/15 "Multi-Purpose solution"

Journal Entry 10/29/15 "Multi-Purpose solution"

Last night I was thinking in the bathroom (don't judge me) about Frog Boy's true purpose for existing. After all, a mutated Frog Boy doesn't sound like the first and BEST option for a protector or defender of the most crime filled city in the USA. Then I looked up on the Bathroom counter top and saw my aunts contact liquid container. It said "Multi-Purpose Solution." I realized then that Frog Boy became Frog Boy for more than one purpose and he protects Bensworth for more than one reason too. Every good story begins with a question. It's not about getting Frog Powers and saving the world, it's about the question. "What would happen if I got Frog Powers? What would I do or have to deal with?" That's what I believe will make Frog Boy a good story.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Monday, October 26, 2015


Journal Entry 10/26/15

Last night I believe I finished the book writings on a paper tablet, so now all that remains is to copy the writings/type them up on my computer. I hope this book is good when it's finished. I'm passing Page 85 while writing this now. This is the spot where I had to start slowing the story down. Balancing school work and writing, life with fiction… It's getting ridiculous how everything keeps blending together in my mind. It could be sleep deprivation or maybe just me being overdramatic like I inherently am. The more I go on in life, things move way too fast and I just want to slow down. It's been fun writing Frog Boy and I'm excited to finish it.
Update: The Book is DONE, going through the editing process and should be publishing in Spring 2016. Hopefully. But the book is DONE!!!! YESSSS!!!

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not done yet...

Journal Entry 10/23/15

I've made it to page 80 today and hope to finish the book today, there's plenty left to do whether or not I finish the book today. After I finish the book I plan to go through the editing which may take from the time I finish until January. But who knows. The editing may not take very long at all. I literally pray it doesn't.

Journal Entry 10/24/15

I (of course) couldn't FINISH the book yesterday, but I really believe I made some great progress. The story is at its ending so it won't be much longer before it's finished and I begin editing. I spoke with Mr. Awesome yesterday and he reminded me not to rush the story to its end and I agreed, if it's rushed it won't be made well. So--36,000+ words later, still writing. Hopefully it'll ALL BE WORTH READING when its finally finished. 

 Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Messy room

Journal Entry 10/22/15

Now I'm on page 76. Writing seems to have more of an impact on me every day. The more I write this book--The more I feel a connection between myself and the fictional characters. Mike's room is pretty messy at this point in the story because he's been busy with his alter ego and hasn't had much free time, this is exactly like myself because I've been completely focused on my book as of late and everything in my room is a mess. I'm going to clean it soon though, I cannot live in a messy room. I get angry almost when my room is messy for a long period of time. Maybe it's just me but… It's getting unbearable.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Frog Boy's Rejection

Journal Entry 10/21/15

The Future is now, Haha, just a little humor for Back To The Future fans. But, moving on, I'm passing page 69 today, writing a time in Mike's life that most superheroes face. Rejection, some still support him but many turn against him. When you're rejected by the ones you're trying to help you may lose your confidence. At least for a little while. Dealing with rejection can be hard, trust me I know, but of course you probably do as well. We've all been there before I suppose.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today and yesterday 10/19/15-10/20/15

Journal Entry 10/19/15

Still working on Frog Boy, had to take a short break for two weeks at least to work on Stop Motion presentations for the Saginaw Libraries. I've also been invited to make a presentation at Barnes and Noble next month. I'm excited though to (right now) get back to work on Frog Boy and his adventures. I've been told that so far the story is good, but I'm trying my hardest to make it perfect. I've gotten my Super hero timeline down to a science. Hopefully this'll help me make my story better and continue to write future stories. I plan to write also on other heroes, villains and main characters/groups. But I won't be giving away any details regarding future stories that I have locked away in my brain at the moment.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 10/20/15

Today I'm passing page 66 and working on making the story more fluent. I'd hate to get the story done, and it mean nothing, bore people with scenes that take too long to read through. Stuff like this worries me because this is my FIRST book and FIRST impressions matter. You understand.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Journal Entry 10/19/15

Journal Entry 10/19/15

Still working on Frog Boy, had to take a short break for two weeks at least to work on Stop Motion presentations for the Saginaw Libraries. I've also been invited to make a presentation at Barnes and Noble next month. I'm excited though to (right now) get back to work on Frog Boy and his adventures. I've been told that so far the story is good, but I'm trying my hardest to make it perfect. I've gotten my Super hero timeline down to a science. Hopefully this'll help me make my story better and continue to write future stories. I plan to write also on other heroes, villains and main characters/groups. But I won't be giving away any details regarding future stories that I have locked away in my brain at the moment.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journal Entries 8/19/15-9/10/15

Journal Entry 8/19/15

Sometimes I feel like I'm not talented enough or literate enough to write this novel, but I will anyways. I've learned that you never win on the very first try all the time. Talent takes work, not everyone is a natural at everything. No story is perfect, I need to remember that and make the stories how I want to read them and go from there.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 8/27/15 "FUTURE"

Ironically I was working on a scene connected to another where Frog Boy's father was trying to fix his glasses and soon after I spotted my own dad trying to fix his glasses. Although I know this was purely coincidence, seeing this happen in real life somehow gives me confidence to keep moving forward.
I told my friend Mr. Quick about the connections my book seems to be having with reality and joked about it predicting the near future. That's when he told me, "Well in that case don't kill me off…" ……… "You can hurt me a bit, but don't kill me off."
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 9/8/15

I've been venturing to other media lately, making comics and such but I haven't forgotten my goal of getting Frog Boy written and published either. In fact I believe my writing has been going quite well so far. I'm now on page 58 and slowly nearing the end of the story. Hopefully it will be a spectacular story when I finish all the fine tuning and really connect the dots from start to finish. Sometimes I feel inadequate, I'm graduating next year and feel like I've got too much on my mind to think clearly. I'm not sure what to do exactly, I'm becoming an adult and still feel like a child. I'm writing a book that feels like it should've already been written, I'm drawing comics that I feel should've already been released to the world three years or more ago. And I'm planning to get all of this done before next year so I'm sure you can see why I feel a tad bit pressured, but it's all going to work out I'm sure. God is with me, I know it'll all be alright.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 9/10/15 "Page 60"

I've written a great deal in the past few days, I'm trying my hardest to get this book done and make it good. I'll have to go back to correct and change things still but I'm confident it won't be much longer now for me to wrap up this first book. lately I've constructed an actual Frog Boy website to correspond directly with the story. It's to get people excited for the story and get them excited. As I go on to make sequels this site will have more and more new content for Frog Boy fans and for those who've yet to even hear about it yet. I'm now on page sixty and still making progress.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Journal Entries 7/27-8/18/15

Journal Entry 7/27/2015

Well, I'm now on page 45 of Frog Boy, it seems I still have a ways to go before its 100% FINISHED, also I need to read back through all that I've written to make sure there are no inconsistencies, as I've said before, I hate those. Anyways, I've been really pushing myself to make this story a good one, along the way I've experienced a few things, I've watched some superhero cartoons and relaxed playing videogames, last week I took off to break my writers block (I keep having that) and I was told by family members that our cats had found an actual frog in our house and had played with it to death overnight. I find this ironic because the day before that night, I had finished writing about Frog Boy's battle with a gang I call "The PyroKats". Interesting that people who dress as cats had fought a boy with frog powers and then actual cats killed a frog. It was almost like looking on one thing two different ways entirely, although I'm truly sad that the frog is dead, Frog Boy's story now has more inspiration because of that Frog. I sort of wonder if it was almost God-given inspiration, he's always blessed me with my crazy imagination, I do hope he blesses this story as well. I believe he will.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 7/29/2015

Lately I've been going through some things in my life which have made my time writing less available, but not unavailable. I have been writing, I've just had some things I've HAD to deal with recently. A few weeks ago I got a puppy, his name is Diddy, I've fallen in love with this adorable dog but he's taken a lot of my attention away from my work as an author, still, I love him and he needs me. Other than my puppy, I've been distracted with lawn care and hobbies. I guess I'm sort of making excuses for not writing as often as I should, but I will be writing more. Hopefully I'll get it done this summer but if not, I've still made great progress with this story.
All for now, Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 8/14/15

Today I'm closing in on page 50 of Frog Boy. This is where I plan to bring to stories together and connect the dots between the two. Hopefully it all flows well and is enjoyable to read.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 8/18/15 "Progress"

I've made some great progress with Frog Boy since yesterday, I've pushed myself hard to get to page 50 and now I'm just writing a story again. This month's goal for me was to get to page 50 but now I don't have a goal, I just plan to write at least three (or more) pages every day. Right now I'm just thrilled at the progress that's been made and hope to get down with the initial writing before too long.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Friday, July 17, 2015

Being consistent

I hate it when productions, Films, Books, Comics, TV shows and more are inconsistant. Which is why I wan't to be thoroughly consistent with all of my Frog Boy stories. I hate it when there are so many possible ways a character could accidentally reveal their secret identity very easily and ruin the entire story. Frog Boy is going to be different, every story will follow the same story timeline and will work together rather than all being slightly different and becoming confusing.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Page 40

Everything takes time, but man am I happy that I have finally reached page 40 of Frog Boy! I've been kinda' sorta' slacking, I know, but I do spend a good portion of my day writing books, hopefully it'll all be worth it, maybe I can actually turn this into my career.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Journal Entry 4/29/2015--6/15/2015

Journal Entry 4/29/2015 "Frog Boy's Enemies"

I've found tons of distractions this week, preventing me from writing Frog Boy. I'm happy to say that I have been writing but I'm sad to say I haven't written much since my last journal entry. Writing sometimes takes more than you'd think. For instance, right now I'm writing about Frog Boy's first fight and the path it takes him down. It's amazing how one thing affects another in life. The very same thing occurs in a fictional story. Frog Boy's fight here leads him to a much longer rivalry with a mob boss that's main desire is control and secondary desire to study and destroy Frog Boy (he doesn’t care if he's destroyed before or after he's studied). The first time Frog Boy appears to a group of villains, I first reefer to him as the boy rather than Mike or Frog Boy, because I wanted to express some of the villains perspective.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 6/10/2015 "Summer"

I plan to have this Frog Boy story finished over the Summer, but I've been so busy with other chores and activates that it's hard to keep writing and make it good. I don't want to just go and release a story to the world that doesn't make sense or sound good when reading it. Right now, I'm writing about a villains perspective once again, this time I'm showing some of Ethan's connections, goals and plans and revealing the main villain some, DR. Madnen. I'm hoping that the readers like the feel by switching characters and scenery every so often rather than following just one set of characters, giving them the opportunity to piece things together themselves. Keeping the story slightly mysterious and keeping the readers wondering if there's something bigger going on that they don't know about yet.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 6/15/2015

I've been writing longer, harder and better. The book is making great progress. I find that I can write better while listing to an inspiring song of sorts. For Frog Boy its usually energetic and fast, with electric sounds. I like the feel, and if Frog Boy ever got a film, I'd probably use some of the music I've been listening to while writing. Man, it would be cool if Frog Boy got a film, but truthfully it would be cool if I just got the book published alone. That's all for now,
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Friday, April 24, 2015

Journal Entry 4/24/15 "Frog Boy's Names."

Mike Wornhouse is probably the best name I could've given Frog Boy, He's had a few other names before I settled with that one but none that I can remember past his name now. But the story Frog Boy has had quite a few characters in it that have had name changes. Like the main villain Ethan Landry who becomes so powerful he loses his humanity. My Mom and I were brainstorming about villain names because we both thought that Kenton didn't sound like the right name for this character, I looked up names online and combined names too. I found one that sounded similar to Kenton but it was different and it sounded like the name fit the character better as well. Right now I'm on page twenty five. When I first started working on twists for Frog Boy with Mr. Quick, I made a character based on him called Johnny Q. He's found throughout the story. Mr. Quick treats me like his agent and he gave me the nickname Rex so that when we came up with plot twists over the phone it would be like my code name for secrets. That part was done just for fun, we didn't have much to hide when it came to Frog Boy because we only ever discussed the plot twists around family and friends. As for the public, all I can tell you right now is that I'm writing an epic fight scene right now that starts Mike's career as Frog Boy.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journal Entry 4/23/15 "Frog Boy's journey"

Frog Boy has come a long way since I was seven. Particularly with the story's maturity. It used to be kinda odd, like nobody can die and nobody really gets hurt. Well, in reality death is common. In a fictional sense I made in impossibly fictional. So I gave the impression that someone could possibly die. No one is invincible so the characters in my story couldn't be either. I didn't want to make death the focus however, because I wanted it to be a story that all ages could enjoy. It may not be quite as thrilling as a tale that does focus on death, but death doesn't have to be the focus for excitement. The original plan for Frog Boy was to almost make him like any other superhero, having him accidentally get powers. Radioactively or otherwise. I came up with a bagillion ways to give him super powers, having him fall in a radioactive pond, getting licked by a mutated frog or bitten by one, having Danny infuse a genetically altered frog into him, even having a serum go into him through a suit. The thing that sounded most promising, was to have it be his choice and not someone's mistake or accident. My original drawings of the story involved an actual frog, but now I have Danny using extracted Frog DNA for Mike's transformation. I'm excited to see what the world thinks of this new hero. That's another thing about Frog Boy, it [ pretty much ] hasn't been done before. Right now I'm writing Frog Boy's first fight. More on hat tomorrow.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22/15 continued: "Frog Boy... The idea"

When I started writing Frog Boy, I planned to make it similar to Spider-Man and action packed. Things changed and over time I discovered that I had to take the story in a slightly different direction than what I initially planned. Frog Boy started out as a game I played with my mother, I was very young and I loved Frogs (I still do obviously). Like all kids, I wanted to be a superhero. . But what I saw wasn't myself. I saw a kid like me, who wanted to do something incredible but didn't have the powers. I saw him fighting gangs of people dressed as fly's and a man dressed as a wasp. I planned to give him things like a car and a bike. With all that I see all the superheroes of today I think: "How can I make him different, what's so special about him?" I originally wanted to make him just like any other hero who either made himself a hero or accidentally became one. But then I saw a way that I could literally set my hero apart from the common superhero. His name would be Mike Wornhouse and he would choose to be a hero. It wouldn't be an accident or a chemical reaction of some kind. No, Mike would choose to be a hero. That’s basically how the whole story began. But then things got interesting. I came up with an entire universe of plans for Frog Boy, it took me three years to just get through the rough draft ideas, now I'm rewriting it for around the fourth time. It all started in 2006, with an idea. I'm on page 23 now.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Trevor Mueller

I've always loved comic books, I find them to be like movies on paper. Each one is like a different experience for the reader to enjoy. Well, last weekend I went to the Caro MI library and met a man named Trevor A. Mueller who writes comic books for a living, his latest writings are for the series Albert The Alien.
I told him what I was writing and he told me to do do it, I believe his exact words were "Follow your dream." That meant a lot to me. He taught the group there a lot about comic books and what it truly takes to make one, a lot goes into making one. Also, he doesn't draw the comics he just writes them, so this gives me confidence that Frog Boy could even have a comic series some day. I would love to see my story shown in that way. But for now, I'll use everything I've learned from Mr. Mueller to write the book series of Frog Boy.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 4/22/15 "Frog Boy's instinct"

Journal Entry 4/22/15

I got Mr. Quick to extended the deadline a bit. I'm happy because no one can make a whole book in a week. Now that there's more time to write, I can proceed without feeling rushed. Which is good because I won't rush the book, and hopefully it will be entertaining and won't feel like your reading a big run-on-sentence. Right now I'm working on a very interesting scene where Mike first gets his frog powers and heads out into town. This is where Mike experiences his abilities for the first time, he doesn't know all that he can do yet so there's a lot of things that can happen during this point in the story. Mostly things that involve him messing up because he's just getting started. There's also something else that I'm going to spread throughout the entire story from this point which is Frog Boy's instinct issues. He has to make his own decisions while also obeying his instincts to avoid danger and fight to survive. This way he almost has a conflict within himself, fighting over doing things without thinking and doing things on purpose. Mike will most likely have this struggle his whole life from this point on, but Mike will also most likely learn to cope with this problem and use it to his advantage (rather than letting it control him and letting it be a disadvantage).  
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Journal Entry 4/21/15 "Frog Boy's twisted tale"

This week has been hard, I'm only on page 22 of Frog Boy and I only have a week before my deadline. My good friend Mr. Quick set the deadline for m to work my hardest and to focus on finishing the book. He's been a huge help in rewriting this story, but his ideas and twists to the tale are so massive that each time he came up with another for me to add, I'd have to make major changes. I had to change a lot of things within the past two weeks, all of which involved his crazy tale twists. Mr. Quick's specific words were "You need to FOCUS!... FOCUS..." My hopes are just to keep it exciting and entertaining, at some points in the tale it's like I'm writing a big run-on-sentence with no end. I hope that when its read, people don't think of it as just a big run-on-sentence.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Monday, April 20, 2015

Journal Entry 4/20/2015

"Page 16" I never thought I would make it past sixteen, the story seemed to have somehow gotten stuck there and wouldn't move further. But I did, now I'm on page 18 and almost to page twenty The original tale was a bit different than the one I'm writing now. I've worked with a few friends to come up with a more mature way to tell the adventures of Frog Boy. It took a while for me to accept, but the way Mike got his powers had to be changed (at least a little).  Now it works much better than it did before, I just hope it's going to be a very entertaining book when it's finished. All for now, Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

progress on Frog Boy

The tale of a hero (of this sort) has been told many times before. A simple boy finds himself with great power one day and winds up being a superhero. Destined to do battle with many powerful villains. It's a classic tale told to death by many people. This tale however… Is completely set apart from others. It's a different kind of tale, one that's title alone makes you squint to make sure your reading it correctly. This is the tale of Frog Boy, his amazing abilities, and the many choices he had to make.

I plan to make at least three books in the first series, so far so good, but I wan't to make the series a bit more mature than it originally was, while still keeping it clean and family friendly. I believe its all going to work out in the end. 

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins