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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22/15 continued: "Frog Boy... The idea"

When I started writing Frog Boy, I planned to make it similar to Spider-Man and action packed. Things changed and over time I discovered that I had to take the story in a slightly different direction than what I initially planned. Frog Boy started out as a game I played with my mother, I was very young and I loved Frogs (I still do obviously). Like all kids, I wanted to be a superhero. . But what I saw wasn't myself. I saw a kid like me, who wanted to do something incredible but didn't have the powers. I saw him fighting gangs of people dressed as fly's and a man dressed as a wasp. I planned to give him things like a car and a bike. With all that I see all the superheroes of today I think: "How can I make him different, what's so special about him?" I originally wanted to make him just like any other hero who either made himself a hero or accidentally became one. But then I saw a way that I could literally set my hero apart from the common superhero. His name would be Mike Wornhouse and he would choose to be a hero. It wouldn't be an accident or a chemical reaction of some kind. No, Mike would choose to be a hero. That’s basically how the whole story began. But then things got interesting. I came up with an entire universe of plans for Frog Boy, it took me three years to just get through the rough draft ideas, now I'm rewriting it for around the fourth time. It all started in 2006, with an idea. I'm on page 23 now.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins