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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Journal Entry 4/22/15 "Frog Boy's instinct"

Journal Entry 4/22/15

I got Mr. Quick to extended the deadline a bit. I'm happy because no one can make a whole book in a week. Now that there's more time to write, I can proceed without feeling rushed. Which is good because I won't rush the book, and hopefully it will be entertaining and won't feel like your reading a big run-on-sentence. Right now I'm working on a very interesting scene where Mike first gets his frog powers and heads out into town. This is where Mike experiences his abilities for the first time, he doesn't know all that he can do yet so there's a lot of things that can happen during this point in the story. Mostly things that involve him messing up because he's just getting started. There's also something else that I'm going to spread throughout the entire story from this point which is Frog Boy's instinct issues. He has to make his own decisions while also obeying his instincts to avoid danger and fight to survive. This way he almost has a conflict within himself, fighting over doing things without thinking and doing things on purpose. Mike will most likely have this struggle his whole life from this point on, but Mike will also most likely learn to cope with this problem and use it to his advantage (rather than letting it control him and letting it be a disadvantage).  
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins