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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journal Entry 4/23/15 "Frog Boy's journey"

Frog Boy has come a long way since I was seven. Particularly with the story's maturity. It used to be kinda odd, like nobody can die and nobody really gets hurt. Well, in reality death is common. In a fictional sense I made in impossibly fictional. So I gave the impression that someone could possibly die. No one is invincible so the characters in my story couldn't be either. I didn't want to make death the focus however, because I wanted it to be a story that all ages could enjoy. It may not be quite as thrilling as a tale that does focus on death, but death doesn't have to be the focus for excitement. The original plan for Frog Boy was to almost make him like any other superhero, having him accidentally get powers. Radioactively or otherwise. I came up with a bagillion ways to give him super powers, having him fall in a radioactive pond, getting licked by a mutated frog or bitten by one, having Danny infuse a genetically altered frog into him, even having a serum go into him through a suit. The thing that sounded most promising, was to have it be his choice and not someone's mistake or accident. My original drawings of the story involved an actual frog, but now I have Danny using extracted Frog DNA for Mike's transformation. I'm excited to see what the world thinks of this new hero. That's another thing about Frog Boy, it [ pretty much ] hasn't been done before. Right now I'm writing Frog Boy's first fight. More on hat tomorrow.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins