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Friday, April 24, 2015

Journal Entry 4/24/15 "Frog Boy's Names."

Mike Wornhouse is probably the best name I could've given Frog Boy, He's had a few other names before I settled with that one but none that I can remember past his name now. But the story Frog Boy has had quite a few characters in it that have had name changes. Like the main villain Ethan Landry who becomes so powerful he loses his humanity. My Mom and I were brainstorming about villain names because we both thought that Kenton didn't sound like the right name for this character, I looked up names online and combined names too. I found one that sounded similar to Kenton but it was different and it sounded like the name fit the character better as well. Right now I'm on page twenty five. When I first started working on twists for Frog Boy with Mr. Quick, I made a character based on him called Johnny Q. He's found throughout the story. Mr. Quick treats me like his agent and he gave me the nickname Rex so that when we came up with plot twists over the phone it would be like my code name for secrets. That part was done just for fun, we didn't have much to hide when it came to Frog Boy because we only ever discussed the plot twists around family and friends. As for the public, all I can tell you right now is that I'm writing an epic fight scene right now that starts Mike's career as Frog Boy.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins