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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Journal Entries 7/27-8/18/15

Journal Entry 7/27/2015

Well, I'm now on page 45 of Frog Boy, it seems I still have a ways to go before its 100% FINISHED, also I need to read back through all that I've written to make sure there are no inconsistencies, as I've said before, I hate those. Anyways, I've been really pushing myself to make this story a good one, along the way I've experienced a few things, I've watched some superhero cartoons and relaxed playing videogames, last week I took off to break my writers block (I keep having that) and I was told by family members that our cats had found an actual frog in our house and had played with it to death overnight. I find this ironic because the day before that night, I had finished writing about Frog Boy's battle with a gang I call "The PyroKats". Interesting that people who dress as cats had fought a boy with frog powers and then actual cats killed a frog. It was almost like looking on one thing two different ways entirely, although I'm truly sad that the frog is dead, Frog Boy's story now has more inspiration because of that Frog. I sort of wonder if it was almost God-given inspiration, he's always blessed me with my crazy imagination, I do hope he blesses this story as well. I believe he will.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 7/29/2015

Lately I've been going through some things in my life which have made my time writing less available, but not unavailable. I have been writing, I've just had some things I've HAD to deal with recently. A few weeks ago I got a puppy, his name is Diddy, I've fallen in love with this adorable dog but he's taken a lot of my attention away from my work as an author, still, I love him and he needs me. Other than my puppy, I've been distracted with lawn care and hobbies. I guess I'm sort of making excuses for not writing as often as I should, but I will be writing more. Hopefully I'll get it done this summer but if not, I've still made great progress with this story.
All for now, Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 8/14/15

Today I'm closing in on page 50 of Frog Boy. This is where I plan to bring to stories together and connect the dots between the two. Hopefully it all flows well and is enjoyable to read.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 8/18/15 "Progress"

I've made some great progress with Frog Boy since yesterday, I've pushed myself hard to get to page 50 and now I'm just writing a story again. This month's goal for me was to get to page 50 but now I don't have a goal, I just plan to write at least three (or more) pages every day. Right now I'm just thrilled at the progress that's been made and hope to get down with the initial writing before too long.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins