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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not done yet...

Journal Entry 10/23/15

I've made it to page 80 today and hope to finish the book today, there's plenty left to do whether or not I finish the book today. After I finish the book I plan to go through the editing which may take from the time I finish until January. But who knows. The editing may not take very long at all. I literally pray it doesn't.

Journal Entry 10/24/15

I (of course) couldn't FINISH the book yesterday, but I really believe I made some great progress. The story is at its ending so it won't be much longer before it's finished and I begin editing. I spoke with Mr. Awesome yesterday and he reminded me not to rush the story to its end and I agreed, if it's rushed it won't be made well. So--36,000+ words later, still writing. Hopefully it'll ALL BE WORTH READING when its finally finished. 

 Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins