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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today and yesterday 10/19/15-10/20/15

Journal Entry 10/19/15

Still working on Frog Boy, had to take a short break for two weeks at least to work on Stop Motion presentations for the Saginaw Libraries. I've also been invited to make a presentation at Barnes and Noble next month. I'm excited though to (right now) get back to work on Frog Boy and his adventures. I've been told that so far the story is good, but I'm trying my hardest to make it perfect. I've gotten my Super hero timeline down to a science. Hopefully this'll help me make my story better and continue to write future stories. I plan to write also on other heroes, villains and main characters/groups. But I won't be giving away any details regarding future stories that I have locked away in my brain at the moment.
Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins

Journal Entry 10/20/15

Today I'm passing page 66 and working on making the story more fluent. I'd hate to get the story done, and it mean nothing, bore people with scenes that take too long to read through. Stuff like this worries me because this is my FIRST book and FIRST impressions matter. You understand.