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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Journal 6/7/16 "The Future"

Journal 6/7/16
"Great Scott!"

So many have long-term goals. I have dreams. Everyone's asking me what I plan to do with my future, where will I go to collage?  I want to make the world a better place, as most do. My dream is to start up an entertainment company to make media that is CLEAN that most people can enjoy. As a Christian in my early-youth there was so much I was told to avoid. Why is this? Because it was profane, vulgar, sin-filled; And other harsh but true terms I could say as well. I wondered why some of the material was even there, it completely took away from the enjoyable experience of the media itself. Now don't go thinking that if we take sexual activity and other such things off the silver screen that it would ruin the film, if such things were to occur in a series of films or other, they could be much more discreet (at least) and not show the activities on camera or allude to them happening in the present scene. Such material ruins the experience of heroic films and stories and comedies/etcetera; for children, and others that are disgusted by such things. Let's say there's swearing in the film/story. Yes people swear. But it's become second nature to most in today's modern society. What if we took those things out? Would it really, I mean REALLY ruin the entertainment value? There are so many other things you can say to express anger, sorrow, disappointment or happiness. Why does the media have to take God's name in vain? Why do people have to say things like $%^$%##@$$%$## (pretend cussing) in order for the entertainment to be acceptable? They DON'T. It's truly that simple. If I were given the funds and the team to make it happen, over the span of a couple years I could make thrilling, exciting and comedic media that would entertain most, I believe. Media without any of that kind of thing. Some films have already proven this possible. Such as: "The LEGO MOVIE". But there are very few like it. I wish to be able to make my dream a reality someday soon. But I need prayer and God's guidance, as I become a man. I don't know the future or what God has in store for me next. But I've always felt a leading to the field of entertaining. I love to make people laugh or surprised by what I can do. But right now I don't know. I don't know what I can do. I want to do more, but I feel sometimes that that's not going to happen. I don't want fame, I think I'm past that phase. I just want to do it, I want people to like it and enjoy it. But there's always something in my way. Something keeping me from reaching those dreams. It's all in God's hands, he'll lead me where he wants me. But I still feel like that's part of what he wants me to do as well. To summarize ( what I should've done a long time ago) : My dream is to change the way the world views entertainment. By giving them a new way to view it. My unofficial organization of a few people is called "Crazy Hawk Productions. Our slogan is "Crazily Entertaining" Because to the world what we're doing is a bit Crazy. I guess some crazy things are worth perusing. Follow your dreams, Follow God's leading. Pray and ask for guidance, Hopefully our dreams will come true.

Sincerely, Cade H. Hawkins